Bring in the Pros

Tier 3

Just like your own doctor visits, these are important checkups for your home's major components to give them a longer life!

We Coordinate and Connect You With Certified Professionals When Its Recommended

With the Tier 3 Membership, we act as your concierge and arrange to have certified technicians from our vetted list of companies come to your home at the appropriate times of the year to conduct maintenance services on your primary mechanical equipment. If our agreement with you is on a new build, we will make every effort to commission these services with the original installer of the equipment, since they have the best knowledge of the design parameters and maintenance requirements of the systems in your home.

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Our Tier 3 Membership Includes:

* These preventive maintenance services do not include repairs. If a repair is required during a maintenance visit, the technician will provide a separate quote from their company to perform the necessary repairs.

In every case, the record of the repair documentation (service record) can be stored in your Tier 1 membership digital documents so that you have a running history of the type of repair or replacement done.

** We coordinate to have the heating and cooling system services conducted in the pre-emergency time frames (late April/early May for cooling system tune-up and late September/early October for heating system tune-up) in order to preempt any possible service disruptions. HVAC Tune-Up Agreement includes added benefits of priority services, 24/7 emergency services and discounts on repairs from the providers.

Home Ownership Made Simpler

Our team is here to assist in making the care of your home simpler. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote for our various membership levels. Serving savvy homeowners across Colorado’s Front Range.