Digital Home Setup

Tier 1

This is where home maintenance mastery begins...

Put the management of your home’s maintenance on autopilot

Maintaining a home is not rocket science, but it does require a disciplined approach to get it done right and on a consistent basis. Oftentimes, it's not so much about doing the task as it is remembering to do the task when its supposed to be done. This level is where we highly recommend all savvy homeowners begin their home maintenance mastery.

With our Tier 1 Membership, we create a central place to keep all your important home information and a complete digital inventory of your home's components and the maintenance tasks and frequencies recommended to take care of them. From here, email reminders are regularly sent out when tasks are due to be completed. This is the easiest and most convenient way to take a proactive approach with your home's maintenance needs. Conveniently accessible on your phone, tablet and desktop.

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Our Tier 1 Membership Includes:

  • Initial in-home visit to get to know you, your home and your concerns.

  • Digital inventory of all major components and appliances in your home, including recordation of make, model, and serial numbers.

  • Complete customized set up of home maintenance management app that puts everything you need to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your home right at your fingertips.

  • Complete set up of maintenance tasks per manufacturer’s recommendations. Provides you with a description of the tasks required and how often it needs to be done.

  • Once set up, the app provides you with timely email reminders for what's due to be completed for both D.I.Y. tasks and professional services. Also, resets task for next occurrence after you mark it complete.

  • Storage of house documents in digital format, including owner's manuals, warranties, and service records.

  • Annual App Subscription.

  • Product Insights Report proprietary to the app customized to your home.

If you have seen or are familiar with Carfax reports, this home maintenance app setup is a very similar concept. In addition to the app's benefits while you live in your home, its all-in-one place record-keeping has the potential to be very valuable when you go to sell your home. Imagine your home and another home down the street... both for sale at the same time. Your home has digital records of all its components, owner's manuals, and service records. The home down the street doesn't have any records. Which would you buy?

First Year Annual Cost: $250 (includes $125 First-Time Set Up Fee).

Second Year and Subsequent Year Annual Cost: $125.

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* For purchasers of new homes who have closed within the past 30 days, we will register the warranties of your home's mechanical components and appliances on your behalf as part of of your Tier 1 Membership enrollment. In some cases, this extends the length of your parts warranty with some manufacturers.

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