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Use Caution When Hanging Holiday Lights

Photo by Cole Ciarlello on Unsplash

For many homeowners, Thanksgiving weekend is the start of stringing ornamental lights on their homes for the upcoming Holiday season. We offer the following precautions:

  • If it’s rainy, windy, icy, or your driveway or roof is covered with snow or ice, Don't attempt it! It’s just not worth it.
  • Test that all your lights are working before installing.
  • Use extension cords that are rated for the environment where you’re hanging them and don't overload your electrical sockets with too many strings of light.
  • Don’t put extension cords where they can be walked on or possibly tripped over.

If you must use a ladder:

  • Secure the ladder or have your helper hold it to prevent unexpected movement. Make sure the surface is level and both feet of the ladder are securely touching the ground.
  • Get the right size ladder - don't ever stand on the top two rungs.
  • Good rule of thumb: never allow your “belt buckle” area to lean out past the side rail of the ladder. This will prevent the ladder from tipping or the feet kicking out.