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He Sleeps in a Storm

In Mitch Albom's book, Have a Little Faith: A True Story, the following story was told within the book .

A young man sought employment on a farm. He handed a letter to his potential employer that read, "He sleeps in a storm." The desperate farmer needed help, so he hired the young man despite this enigmatic letter.

Several weeks passed and in the middle of the night, a powerful storm ripped through the valley. Awakened by the storm, the farmer jumped out of bed. He called for his new employee, but the young man was sound asleep. The farmer dashed to the barn and to his amazement, the animals were safe with plenty of food. He hurried to the nearby field only to see that the bales of wheat were already bound and wrapped in tarpaulins. He ran to the silo. The doors were latched and the grain was dry.

An then the owner understood, "He sleeps in a storm."

I try to equate this to a proactive homeowner with a well-maintained home that has had its furnace tuned-up way before the first snow storm hits and its sprinkler system winterized before the first hard frost. While your neighbors are scrambling to get these tasks completed at the last minute and as the storm approaches, we hope you are one of those that "Sleep in the storm."